Many manufacturing processes and products it is essential that critical heat levels either are reached or not exceeded. Remaining within these parameters can be significant for manufacturing casts or product quality. This is where Reatec temperature indicator strips or points are applied.

Reatec temperature indicators measure temperatures within the range of 37.8 °C and 264 °C by means of an irreversible change of colour, from grey to black.

1.Reatec Temperature Indicator Standard Strips ( 100 pcs. / box )
With 10 elements are self- adhesive. The grading increments of the indicators range between 3- 8 °C.
The standard strips have been designed for use under normal, clean and dry conditions which ensure that the indicator points don’t get in the contact with grease, oils, solvents and moisture. Contact with these substances could lead to a fake colour change.

2. Indicator Points ( Type P – 100 pcs. / box)
17 x 17 mm. dimensions, can be supplied for list temperatures of 37.8 °C to 121 °C

3. Mini Individual Points ( 500 pcs./ box )
5 x 7 mm. dimensions, paper or Alu. Backed, adhesive. All temperature list of 37.8 – 264 ° C

Indicators points are used mainly in applications where a defined maximum temperature is to be shown, e.g. with Electronic components, in Electrical distributors ( transition resistance ), etc.

* For verification of the existing thermometers used in ovens.

* For checking whether the product left in an oven reaches the required temperature.

* For following up the critical machine part applications (Bearing journals, Engine parts, Aircraft brakes, Electric motors, Hydraulic systems etc.)

* Temperature measurement labels; They are fast measurement labels that can be used in Paint curing and drying processes, Electronics industry, Food packing, Computer rooms, Chemical process, Pharmaceuticals manufacturing-warehousing, detection of machine malfunctions.


Technical details

* Ease of use, quick and precise measurement.
* Indicators formulas accurate to ± 1 %
* Reaction time is about 1 – 3 seconds.
* Self adhesive




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