Mep Teknik aims to provide products and service with the universal quality and standards. To create value for our customers, to respond to their expectations with the quality and stability are our first priority. To stand by our products and to stand by our customers after sale are also our duty. To keep our image in the public opinion is our main goal.

Our most important capital is our people resource.

The quality of our products and services begins with the quality of our employees.

To increase the productivity of our employees, to provide opportunity for their development and to create a working environment where cooperation emerges with the solidarity are the ways we choose to ensure the continuity of Mep Teknik family for generations.

Our goal is to create resources for continuous improvement. To observe the principles of superior work ethic and honest working is our principle.

To act with the conscious of environmental protection and to spread this awareness for Turkey and the world are our duties.

We aim to add power to Turkish economy which we take our power.